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The Advantages of Giclee Canvas Art

Traditionally, artists have turned to lithography when creating reproductions of their work. They’ve recreated their images in a number of images. This may include posters, coffee mugs and t-shirts. But seldom do you see an artist who creates actual vivid reproductions of their work on canvas. That was because prior to the last decade, most methods for fine art reproduction left artists with images that were substandard and undesirable. With the introduction of giclee canvas art, that is beginning to change. Artists now have a medium to produce hundreds of reproductions of their work on. These reproductions are not only vividly accurate, but they’re also created on the same type of canvas that the original was painted on. This gives these reproductions an authentic gallery-like appearance and feel – something that had previously been unachievable in the field of art.

Another advantage of creating giclee canvas is the sheer volume in which artwork can be re-created. Giclee isn’t a process that is only able to yield small amounts of reproductions at a time. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Modern giclee is able to print literally hundreds, if not thousands of images onto canvas in only a matter of hours, and even a unique photo gift such as photos on canvas. This speed and accuracy was previously unheard of in the art world. Generally, artists must replace quality for quantity. Not with giclee. This system is so precise that each and every copy printed will look exactly like the original, if not better.

In addition to the detail of reproductions and the volume produced, is the quality of the actual canvas. Archival canvas can last for over a hundred years without deteriorating or yellowing. As long as it’s kept out of extreme moisture or sunlight, giclee canvas is guaranteed to last for decades. This canvas is also very durable. After the images have been produced, it is able to be stretched onto canvas or gallery wrapped. Depending on whether or not you want your image framed, the images can be printed with excess canvas around the edges for stretching. Add this to the fact that the canvas has the texture and feel of an authentic painting, and you can see why giclee has become so popular. For more information see this great giclee canvas art blog.

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