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Worthwhile Giclee Printing

Early day’s people use ink with some stick to write on dried leaves. But to keep those written leaves in safe custody was very difficult. At later date paper was invented and people started writing on paper. While taking huge number of copies the people had to write repeatedly on each paper and it was hazardous work to carry out. To solve this problems printing technology was found out and put to market (this was fantastic for photos on canvas). The anxiety of the people over the printing technology was developed to meet the competitive business world. Hence many developments were brought in the field of printing (especially for canvas photo). Giclee is one of the printing technologies digitally improved and welcomed by all sectors (also used for canvas photo prints).

Giclee printing (used for canvas printing) is developed in such a way to deliver digital output in colors and quality and looks as beautiful as of original. There will not be any difference when compared to original. Giclee printing is made out of four colors only but the exposure looks like with that of multicolor and looks like original printing. First Giclee is used for proof correction only. Later the art was developed to give digital printing with originality. Giclee printings are made with process of ink on spray. The Giclee printing is based on inkjet printer process, used with giclee canvas. Only four colors are used in Giclee printing. The mixture of four colors is framed on dots with digital evolvement and finishing is looking like a painting with multicolor. The Giclee printing can be made on all types of water color paper, canvas, and on all material capable of receiving prints. The outlook of Giclee printing is made with high quality and permanent in nature. The main art is reproduced on the printing material without any smallest change even at a dot point producing a giclee print. Hence the image of original art is so maintained on all materials printed through Giclee process.

Giclee printing technology is very much improved to attain the positive results on all printing arts like photos on canvas. Unlike fine arts the Giclee printing will long last for ever and the exposure will look like of original. It is possible with the Giclee printing to take any number of copies to look like original art at affordable cost for your photos canvas. With the help of Giclee printing (and printing on canvas) a print in larger size can also be taken with digital look out and without any unprinted dots. Many steps are followed before getting good print out of Giclee printing. The original art is brought to transparency size and to a digital file containing high resolution. A good photography is taken covering all angles digitally and without any omission in space. The original art is kept sideways to compare with the picture taken through photograph. The color resolutions and dots are compared then to make clear and effective image. According to the size of portrait or print required the dpi is characterized and set to receive exact length and breadth of the image digitally. This is perfect for your canvas photo prints and for a fine art giclee. After initial preparations are made to set for final corrections, the image is transferred to an expert in Giclee printing. The expert examines all angles of that image including any dust or scratches. After such alignment the image is sent to Giclee printing.

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Worthwhile Giclee Printing

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