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Giclee Printing: The Future of Art Reproduction

Perhaps you’ve heard of giclee printing! This may be because it is the cutting-edge technology currently being used by thousands and artists and photographers around the world. Created in the early 1990’s, and mastered at the beginning of this decade, giclee has come to stand for and define the highest possible quality that a fine art or photographic reproduction can achieve. This quality, accuracy and attention to detail is able to achieved through the specialized inkjet printers currently being used in the industry. Manufacturers like Epson, Canon and HP have developed stunningly accurate print head technology that will blow you away. Canvas prints and even a canvas photo are now created using the giclee printing process.

Using micro-nozzles, these printers spray a variety of colors (up to sixteen) at a time in ultra-fine droplets onto canvas. In fact, the word “giclee” is derived from the French word gicleur, which means “to spray.” And true to its name, giclee does so in incredibly accurate detail. The dpi (drops per square inch) that modern inkjet printers are able to achieve is quite impressive. Not only do these printers produce stunning reproductions of the originals, but they often produce images that are actually higher quality than the originals they were created from. This is because the software technology used with giclee printing is able to pick up on minute details within images and then enhance them. The end product is an image that is so crisp and clear, you’d be shocked to find out it wasn’t an original.

Attention should also be given to the actual ink used by these printers. For example, Epson uses its patented “UltraChrome” ink to create arguably the highest quality images in the industry. This archival ink bonds with the canvas, rather than simply being sprayed onto it and allowed to absorb into the fibers. Because the inks used in giclee printing bond with the canvas rather than absorb into it, you are left with images of the highest detail imaginable. Couple that with the incredibly color gamut that most inkjet printers are boasting, along with the longevity of these inks, and you’ve found yourself perhaps the best way to reproduce images ever created. For more information see this great giclee printing blog.

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